Oh Baby, New Cross

Shit Londoner Chris Haywood sent in this picture freshly taken on the streets of New Cross this very morning. All I can say is wow. If anyone can get a higher resolution picture of this send it my way!

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  1. Guy

    Whoever did that is my new hero! nearly spat my water out when i saw it!

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  3. Nick B

    Someone also mentioned they saw another improved billboard around there – Goldsmith students probably!

  4. Ido

    http://i.imgur.com/NGzeK.jpg front page of Reddit at the moment.

  5. jj

    Brilliant as, I laughed out loud on the bus as I went pass!

  6. Brett

    Real life photoshopping – awesome!

  7. Ben

    Hahaha, pissed myself laughing.

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