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Fishy Pun, Isle of Dogs

Nice piece of Fish/Terminator punnishment from this mobile fish mongers.

Spotted By Amanda Harris

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Arboreal Hip Hop Pun, Tooting Bec

I’ve seen a lot of punnage used in business names but this is one I would never have expected to see. Aficionados of post millennial British hip-hop will get this reference. Inspired punmanship of the highest order.

If I had a tree I’d let these guys chop it down. If you do have a tree, you should.

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Italian Punning, Holborn

Masterful bit of punnage here that enables anyone casually reading the sign aloud to unwittingly adopt a comedy Italian accent a la that bloody Dolmio family who were probably ejected from the Jim Henson studio for reinforcing lazy racial stereotypes. Mamma Mia!

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Concrete Pun, Bethnal Green

One for children of the 70’s and 80’s here honouring Britain’s most prolific cigar smoking, televisual wish maker of the period Sir Jimmy Saville. Sir Jimmy as well as having a knighthood also can lay a claim to being the worlds first turntable DJ ( I’m honestly not joking ) and a pioneer of hip hop style ( he was wearing tracksuits and gold chains waaaay before Run DMC…all this despite looking like a wizard ). As far as puns go for a business this is up there with the best of them. I really hope the owner of this company is called Jim.

* This was written a long time before the horrifying truth of Saviles’s predatory, child molesting existence was revealed to the world. I wonder what this company will do with their name now?

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Middle Eats Pun, Landsdowne Row W1

Seeing as they’re fans of the creakingly bad pun I’d be tempted to ask the waiter a LOL cat inspired question when he came to take my order…”I can Hez-bollah soup?”

Sorry, sorry. Even typing that hurt.