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Fighting Graff With Graff, Putney Bridge

You can’t fight fire with fire and similarly you can’t fight graffiti with more graffiti. However fighting graffiti with graffiti is lot funnier and considerably less dangerous than messing around with fire…so don’t try it at home kids. Why I’m offering safety advice to you I’m not quite sure. You didn’t come here for this and I’m far from qualified for the role. Seriously, I once stood on rake which leapt up and smacked me in the face just like in the cartoons. Trust me it really hurts and really does happen. I now live in fear of an anvil falling on my head.

Spotted by Summiya Sheikh

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Shit Lift, Euston Tower

Shit Londoner Faraby Farid e-mails with this….

“Sign in Euston Tower Lift. Bask in the work of absolute professionals. Two weeks on and the sign is still up there with someone’s poor attempt at erasing the ‘Shit’. Now it just says ‘hit Lifts’. Oh and the lift has still not been repaired.”

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Lana Del, Queensway

I’m mystified by much of the debate surrounding Lana Del Ray. Some people seem genuinely outraged that Lana Del Ray is not her birth name, that she might not have always had this slightly trashy 1960’s look or indeed have had half the emotional turmoil in her life that she sings about. Where’s the issue here?! Do people believe that Lady Gaga was born fully formed and wore meat dresses and telecommunication devices on her head all through her youth? No. Do they know that The Beatles didn’t all live on a yellow submarine? If your cultural taste demands strict realism at all times then perhaps pop music isn’t the best art form for you. The most preposterous of the allegations levelled at Del Ray is the suggestion that she may have had some kind of cosmetic procedure to accentuate her lips into the bee stung pout she sports. May I respectfully ask, and out of a genuine sense of curiosity…who cares if she has anyway? This tube passenger at Queensway obviously does.

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Phonebox Knobism, Fulham

Traditional piece of phonebox Knobism, possibly created at speed. Note the lack of spiky testicular hair and the omission of the standard arc of flying semen.

5/10 – must try harder.

Spotted by Robert Negri

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Progress, Hackney Wick

I received a tip off about this protest piece from a friend and made my way to Hackney Wick as quick as I could to get a photo. The Wick on a rainy, cold and dark afternoon is not the most joyous of places especially when dodging cement trucks trying to get a shot of a giant penis drawn on a wall. It’s an area in flux, partly industrial mixed with artists studios and warehouses. The whole place has a shabbiness that sits uncomfortably with the Olympic development that’s growing just yards away over the River Lea and faces an uncertain future. It would be a real shame if this area were to be gentrified to blandness just to protect the sensibilities of a few visitors later this year but I fear that’s exactly what will happen.

I was lucky that I took the picture when I did because apparently the next day it was painted over. Maybe it touched a nerve.

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