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Girl Graffiti, Redchurch Street

California girls are undeniable. They’re fine, fresh, fierce and have got it “on lock” according to Katy Perry. Brian Wilson said pretty much the same thing five decades before about them. Less is made in popular culture of the Shoreditch girl however. Perhaps it’s easier to understand the immediate virtues of the Californian girl, sun tanned skin, good teeth, a slight beach bum attitude and Daisy Dukes (with a bikini on top). The Shoreditch girl could perhaps be a harder sell to the public at large. Dressing like an explosion in a charity shop, with a pudding bowl haircut and exhaustingly skating an invisible and perpetually shifting line between knowing irony and actual, honest, personal taste, you can understand how that might present an altogether less carefree and fun image to the world. A fact this scrawler seems to understand.

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Cheese Graffiti, Exmouth Market

Nice bit of cheese based punnery here. A friend of mine once made a similar joke, at least I think it was a joke, about opening a Christian themed take-away pizza restaurant called “Cheesus Crust”.

Spotted by Dan Morris

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Breaking News, Lambeth North

This can’t be true can it? Not Tom Hanks, beloved star of Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryan, Big, The Money Pit and Bachelor Party…it just can’t be. As a news source something scrawled on a wall is only marginally less trustworthy than Twitter. Perhaps a local crackhead accidentally saw Philadelphia, assumed it was a documentary and decided to pay tribute to the great man in marker pen.

Spotted by Daniel Alexander

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Graffiti, Bermondsey

Imagine slapper’s dismay to turn the corner and discover that she is also a slag. Devastating.

Spotted by Tom McMahon

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Railway Sidings, Wimbledon

One from the archives here as you may be able to tell by all the snow everywhere. The end of summer this year is looking pretty ropey but not quite this bad yet. This piece of graffiti sat in plain view of thousands of passing train passengers who no doubt appreciated this sentiment on their way to work on a cold winters morning. I almost broke my ankle climbing over the fence and then making my way down the snowy verge but it was worth it because by the next day some mysterious organisation had painted over the word “wankers” with a black rectangle leaving only an enigmatic “train” instead.