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Wayne’s World Fan, Romilly Street

This piece of graffiti is one for fans of both nineties comedy and people being trapped inside burning buildings. Diverse.

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Toilet Graffiti, Tate Modern

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Shit Graffiti, Elephant and Castle

Walking around Shoreditch the other day I was struck by just how much stencil work covers almost every wall. Most of it was entirely unremarkable, some of it attempting to be edgy but all appearing to be dry humping a concept that was last exciting a decade ago. At times it felt like the area had been designed by the T-shirt department at Topman, in fact I not entirely sure it’s not just considered a giant three dimensional mood board to them and that they don’t all clamber aboard a weekly minibus from Arcadia Towers to cruise the area like a some sort of emerging trend safari park.

Anyway this is the kind of graffiti I prefer. Completely lacking in artistic merit and with nothing to say except something stupid.

Spotted by Tom Martin

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Hackney Motto, Hackney

Spotted by Laura Firman

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It Won’t Be You, Stroud Green Road

I agree with the sentiment expressed on this advertising for the lottery. I haven’t won’t anything for years and years, not even a tenner. I resent that smiling hand thing for making me shell out a quid twice a week for a little slip of pink paper that I immediately lose. That’s probably why I haven’t won anything come to think of it. I think I’ve been expecting that big hand to show up and deeply intone “It’s you” instead of actually checking.

Spotted by Jack McGinity