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Just Cruel, Kensal Rise

Cruel but undeniably funny piece of graffiti. I think that fact that the cat clearly looks very friendly makes it worse somehow.

Spotted by Deb Israel

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Opportunistic Graffiti, Gun Street

Textbook example of opportunistic graffiti here. The writer saw a chance and took it and I’m glad he did. In fact I would say that graffiti of this kind should be legal provided it is witty enough.

Spotted by Ollie Downward

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Billboard Knobism, Lovegrove Street SE1

Quite astounding piece of Knobism spotted just off the Old Kent Road yesterday. Note the dual knobs, one nestled (in traditional spunking glory) between the models breasts whilst the second knob protrudes from from the word “boobs”, the double “o”‘s naturally forming testicles. The addition of the crossed plaster on the main shaft adds a Beano-esque quality to this piece. It is important to note that the artist chose a spot located right next to a set of traffic lights which will doubtless give queueing motorists and their children plenty of time to consider this piece as they wait for the green light.

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Analogue Tweet, Vauxhall

It’s rare that you see graffiti on poster as positive as this. Usually an arrow will be pointed at someones head with the word “twat” loitering somewhere at the other end. It’s pretty much a staple of the opportunistic graffiti world alongside the iconic “cock n’ balls”. This fan of writer Caitlin Moran has expressed their admiration of Moran’s twittering skills by scrawling on a poster for her new book. What’s interesting is that in this persons message to Moran calling her “the funniest person on Twitter”, they have taken an analogue, stab-in-the-dark approach to twitterering by choosing to air their sentiments on a poster at Vauxhall instead of direct messaging Moran herself. #useakeyboardnotabironexttime

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Ian Wrong

Interesting example of Knobism here with Ian Wright (still wanted by the authorities for his involvement in “Live from Studio Five”) receiving a special delivery on his shiny head from his marginally less barren headed co-host.

Spotted by Danny Mootoo