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Directions, Bond Street

Welcome, people of Earth, to London.

Good luck.

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Bank Bikes, South Kensington

Shit Londoner John Ellis e-mailed in this photo he took yesterday and added a caption so perfect I’m just going to shut my trap and let him get on with it.

He says….”Updated London bike reflects new banking image”


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Barefoot Cheek, Central Line

That woman couldn’t draw her lips any tighter if she tried. In fact she looks as if she’s on the verge of her head flipping inside out such is the level of disapproval etched on her face at the sight of this mans bare foot casually taking a rest on the pole in front of her. She’s probably thinking about how some poor child or dwarf will later have to grip that rail and be completely unaware that somebody’s calloused hoof has been rubbed all over it. Well, I call her a hypocrite. Look at her, she looks like she may have run around barefoot quite a bit in her day. Rewind things 40 years or so and she was probably dancing around barefoot, wearing a daisy chain in her hair, probably on drugs, hitching lifts with an acoustic guitar slung across her back and almost certainly dishing out free love to all and sundry. How quickly these hippies abandon their ideals. You’ve changed man, you’ve changed.

Spotted by Mike Ha

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Vandalised Mayor, Goodge Street Tube

I wonder how many tons of chewing gum are scraped off posters by London Underground workers each year? People always seem to stick their gum to either the eyes or the nostrils. Perhaps a lot of money could be saved if TFL banned all adverts featuring eyes or nostrils. If you’re reading this TFL, you can have that idea for free. It’s my gift to you.

This was spotted by Emma Rawlings who wrote “Poor Boris, chewing gum up his nostrils and gauged out eyes. Sadly, today I saw a tube worker replacing this poster with a new un-defaced version.”

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Better Late Than Never, London

Railtrack, as ever, reacting with unbelievable speed.

Spotted by Kev Edinborough