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Shit Scooter, Wimbledon

This reminds me of the time my parents stopped me turning my room into the bat cave. I’d planned to paint the room black and construct stalagmites and stalactites from papier mache and chicken wire but for what I thought were purely selfish reasons at the time they refused to let me. They knew that I would end up regretting the dank, crunchy underfoot and highly flammable room I’d create for myself. Some things are best left on the drawing board. This scooter is a direct descendent of that kind of  idea. I bet the owner had a very different vision in mind when they decided to paint this. Maybe they thought they were creating two wheeled version of Further , the garishly painted bus that drove around the states in the sixties dishing out acid and blowing minds wherever it went. This person has even glued on patches for clothing reading “Fuck You” and “Don’t Even Think About” which are the kind of phrases not normally associated with hippy ideals. Maybe I’m being hard on them. Maybe this is exactly what they dreamed their bike would always look like. If that’s the case they are clearly insane.

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Boris Bikes, Soho Square

As a slogan for Barclays this was always doomed to failure. I mean look at it, it’s simply too long to fit on the wheel guard.

Spotted by Charlie McCarthy

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Lock System, Tower Hamlets

Bow Locks is a set of bi-directional locks in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. The locks link the tidal Bow Creek to the River Lee Navigation, which is a canalised river. These locks were first built in 1850 and then rebuilt in 1930, at the same time as the Prescott Channel was cut nearby. At high tide, the tide from Bow Creek formerly flowed through Bow Locks, to raise the level of the canals, such as the Limehouse Cut. But in 2000, these locks were modified to keep the tide out, to reduce silting in the canal system. Their name also sounds like the word “Bollocks” – Source. Wikipedia

Spotted by Suke Driver

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Railway Sidings, Wimbledon

One from the archives here as you may be able to tell by all the snow everywhere. The end of summer this year is looking pretty ropey but not quite this bad yet. This piece of graffiti sat in plain view of thousands of passing train passengers who no doubt appreciated this sentiment on their way to work on a cold winters morning. I almost broke my ankle climbing over the fence and then making my way down the snowy verge but it was worth it because by the next day some mysterious organisation had painted over the word “wankers” with a black rectangle leaving only an enigmatic “train” instead.

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Adapted Sign, Stockwell

Spotted by Alexander Luck