Nice Gift, Paddington

Nice Gift, Paddington

Year in, year out it’s the same old problem….what to get Mum for Mother’s Day. Flowers are a given but do you make a card or just buy one? A homemade card surely shows more appreciation of everything your Mum has done for you, right? Turns out that this isn’t the no brainer it seems. One year my Mum seemed genuinely disappointed to get a shop bought card from me so the next year I made her one instead. She opened the envelope to reveal a homemade card bearing a coloured pencil drawing of daffodils or something equally innocuous and declared “What’s this…you couldn’t have bought me a card?” I was crestfallen and rightfully confused. This is a true story. I was seven.

This year I’m thinking that I might follow Boot’s the Chemist’s advice and present her with a sexual wellbeing gift basket of assorted condoms, lubricants and pleasure enhancers just to see what the hell she has to say about that.

Spotted by Bryon Chan

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  2. Kerry

    I was at Sainsbury’s yesterday and saw the ‘For Mother’s Day!’ tag by the Jack Daniels on the liquor shelf. Should have taken a photo…it might go well with the condoms, though!

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