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Kebab Shop, Shoreditch

When will someone please just have the nerve to call their shop “Fuck Kebab” and get on with it? I’d eat there.

Spotted by Sonti Ramirez

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Coach and Horses, Soho

The Coach and Horses in Soho is without doubt my favourite London pub. This is just yet another reason to love the place. If you haven’t been, you should. And if you get there and you find yourself thinking “I don’t know what all the fuss is about” then you may actually have a point but you should also leave. I outlined why I love this pub in an interview about my favourite London places you can read here  .

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Strip Club, Clerkenwell

Shit Londoner Mr PJ Crittenden selflessly sent in this alert to fans of sports and mammory glands alike saying…

“Here we have what I believe to be a strip joint – they call themselves “burlesque” but being acquainted, sometimes intimately, with burlesque performers, I think I know the difference. It’s on Farringdon Road, Finsbury.

PS. I refuse to call the area “Farringdon”. That is merely the name of the Underground station. Most of what people call Farringdon is not in either of the Wards which contain the name “Farringdon”. Therefore this particular establishment is in Clerkenwell. Or possibly Finsbury. London is so confusing sometimes…”

Inside the Olympic Park – A Shit London Report

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I was, like many others, deeply cynical when it came to the Olympic games. I thought the city would be swamped with well meaning but annoyingly meandering groups of people in matching back packs. I fully expected travel chaos on a unprecedented scale on our tube networks. I imagined that as a city we’d somehow screw up hosting the worlds biggest sporting event. And you know what? So far NONE of that has come to pass.


  Wenlock or Mandeville (or is it Wenlock?)  addresses the masses

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Tribute, Spitalfields

Amy Winehouse, beloved, tragic daughter of this city got a sea of candles, a mound of flowers and scores of handwritten notes and letters from her distraught fans. Whitney “too good for crack” Houston gets a mannequin on a rooftop, dressed in early 90’s rave gear with “R.I.P Whitney” sprayed across it’s chest.

Spotted by Suke Driver