Urgh, Leicester Square

Urgh, Leicester Square

We’re all probably questioning what we eat after the revelation this week that some of Tesco’s burgers were found to contain horse DNA (Shit London follower on Twitter @HornsHighDaveH suggested we should all stop worrying as it was probably just horse spunk….thanks for that thought Dave) so this photo of a broken sign at the Angus Steakhouse Leicester Square would probably give many of us pause for thought. It’s doubtful that they intentionally serve anus on their menu (although who can tell in this revelatory times) but I can’t be certain because, despite living in the city for my entire life, I’ve never eaten in one of these places and don’t think I’ve met anyone who has. They’re all over central London, with their plush red seating, green lamps and dingy looking interiors and seemingly haven’t changed in look for over 30 years. I’m pretty sure they only exist to serve tourists.

Have you ever eaten in one? I’m genuinely interested to know.

Spotted by Simon McLelland

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15 Responses to Urgh, Leicester Square

  1. weavehole

    I heard that all the ‘customers’ inside are actually animatronic… or ghosts.

    • Patrick

      This may be my favourite reply ever

  2. alan ward

    Yes i`v eaten in one,once,never again.It was the old con;a steak is,for example £15, vegetables £4 so if you have steak,chips,peas,mushroom and grilled tomatoes that`s £4 each vegetable!luckily we could pay with no problem but that`extras` business went out in the 60`s.Furthermore a starter was offerred but I said I`d rather have an orange juice,guess what? that is classed as a starter so that was another £4 or so.Since when has a fruit juice been a course?

  3. One-armed Freddy

    I accidentally asked for a Double Steakhouse Anus burger in BK once.

  4. Mattison Rose

    We made the mistake in eating in the other chain, with the green sign. Same con with each veg constituting a £4 side and a very sad and sorry bit of dead cow.
    The meal was so lame we wrote ‘this food sucks’ on the table in salt and made a hasty getaway only to realise that the other half had forgotten her coat. Embarrassing.

  5. Sonia Porter

    I ate in one in the early 80s, when it seemed to be the epitome of a posh meal out.

    However, I understand that the steaks they serve now were delivered in the same batch that I ate in 1983, and are therofore a little past their prime.

  6. Nesta

    Yes. Once. In the 20th Century. Can’t cook. Food on cold plates. Tasteless. Expensive. For once, at least, truthful advertising.

  7. Tipsy

    I have eaten in BYron ( pretty good ), NANADO’s (superb) and FRIDAY’s ( like byron ) What you think of them??

  8. Jason

    I ate at this very same Anus Steakhouse late last year. Bit of a running gag with my girlfriend at the time about how bad they were so we decided to try it.
    2 starters, 2 steaks, share a side and a bottle of wine came to nearly £100… and undoubtedly the worst steak I’d ever eaten.

  9. Brian

    To prove your point – I ate in an Aberdeen Angus Steakhouse (their predecessor?) as a tourist in 1972.

    Actually, it was pretty good food for London in those days if you didn’t know your way around. Today I walk on by. They’re forever 1972.

  10. NevilleBartos

    Photoshopped – the light on the underside of the ‘G’ doesn’t look right.

    Still a dreadful place though!

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  13. Pete

    I ate in that very steakhouse about 10 years ago. The name is correct. Then again, I did have a rump steak. Doesn’t like as though it’s changed much.

  14. Dippy

    I ate in that very one around ten years ago after a session in the pub after work. We went the whole hog and ordered Mateus wine and tried to get passers by to wave at us. I’m surprised we didn’t get thrown out. Thank god people didn’t have cameras on their phones back then.

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